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Important information about cleanroom products

General Information

In addition to cleanroom wipes (see chapter 9) there are many other cleaning products available for cleanrooms. However single product groups may be only partly applicable, depending on cleanroom technical applications and aims. For example Dastclean 100 is not appropriate for the cleaning of products.

We recommend that you contact us beforehand to discuss product selection for your application. If there are any doubts regarding the suitability of a product we would be pleased to put samples at your disposal.


  • They differ in
  • the absorbency
  • the emission of particles
  • the shape and size


Depending on their application they are available as:

  • sponge block
  • sponge wipe


Adhesive rolls for the dry cleaning of surfaces. The soiled adhesive foils are simply removeable. We differentiate between:

  • DAST-HARD-ROLLS with foils
  • DAST-SOFT-ROLLS with foam

Vacuum cleaner for cleanrooms

  • Various models from the NILFISK range

Cleaning systems for cleanrooms

  • Single and multiple bucket system (also autoclavable) with appropriate mops
  • Isolator cleaning tool with appropriate pads

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