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The SteriShield Delivery System

Important information about disinfectants

General Information

In microbiologically controlled areas disinfectants are some of the most important consumer goods. In this field we work closely with a competent partner, who has longstanding experience and a broad know-how: Shield Medicare Ltd a division of Ecolab.

The comprehensive and permanently increasing product range includes the following items amongst many others:

  • sterile and non-sterile disinfectants for surfaces
  • hand disinfectants
  • sterile impregnated wipes and mop wipes
  • dispenser system
  • products for training and test requirements

The production, filling and packing of these products take place in cleanrooms of various classes.

  • Detailed technical data sheets or quality documentation for the offered products are available on request.
  • Every delivery includes batch protocols / certificates.

The SteriShield Delivery System:

  • a closed construction without air contact in contrast to conventional "open" spray systems where the sprayed liquid is substituted with sucked in air.
  • the sterility of the disinfectant is guaranteed for a minimum of 3 months upon opening and is validated accordingly.

Advantages of the SteriShield Delivery System:

  • Easy to handle: the liquid can be adjusted as a jet or spray.
  • Economical: the systems allow all liquid to be dispensed from the bottle without wastage.
  • Safe to use: larger droplets reduce the danger of inhalation.
  • Optimal surface coverage: the larger droplets guarantee a complete moisturisation of the surface.
  • Environmentally friendly: the packing does not contain any propellants and therefore it can be disposed of or recycled easily and safely without any purposal restriction.

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