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coverall with integrated hood
face mask with visor
overshoes with reinforced sole


General Information

Disposable clothing (coverall, apron, trousers, …) are often a necessary addition to textile cleanroom garments. Depending on the application, a variety of designs and quality have to be considered (e.g. antistatic). When using toxic or other dangerous materials disposable coveralls with seals are often required.

The following disposable products are completing the garment range:

  • fleece caps and full cover hoods
  • overshoes and boots
  • face masks, beard protection, glasses and visors
  • sleeve protectors
  • aprons

The practical usage of different components, possibly also with standard cleanroom garments can achieve contamination reduction.

Disposable clothing can also be delivered sterile – singly or packaged as a set – on request.

We would be pleased to help with any questions you might have regarding disposable clothing.

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