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Important information about gloves & finger cots

General Information

As cleanroom gloves are the only garments that commonly come into contact with the product, they have to meet particularly high requirements:

  • the abrasion and particle permeability should be as low as possible.
  • the sense of touch should be kept as sensitive as possible.
  • the transmission of fingerprints due to sweat and grease must be prevented.

Each product has different requirements for the type of glove used. Therefore one cannot assign a glove to all products or processes. So before choosing cleanroom gloves and finger cots, we recommend testing a selection to enable you to choose the glove for your particular requirements.

Powder free = cleanroom compatible?

The term "powder free" has historically been poorly defined across our industry. There are only vague recommendations available and manufacturers have been able to use the term "powder free" on the packing without adherence to any minimum standards.

But the manufacturers of disposable gloves make various efforts during the manufacturing and also during the cleaning process and packing in order to guarantee a certain "purity".

Area of application for disposable or reusable gloves

For the glove user there is often a question mark over the necessity of using disposable gloves, with their associated lower comfort level – if textile gloves would also satisfy the demands of the workplace.

Generally for usage in cleanroom conditions it is always better to choose a powder free, post cleaned glove made from Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl or other synthetic materials such as PE, Neoprene, etc. Only these skin-tight and AQL tested powder free disposable gloves guarantee the necessary protection for your products against contamination caused by human skin.

Where operations and processes require less stringent precautions within cleanrooms then textile gloves may provide the solution. Finally the user has to decide which gloves will meet his requirements.

  • We would be pleased to help you to make your choice and to put some test samples at your disposal.

For our range of disposable gloves we work closely with international leading manufacturers such as for example Ansell, Kimberly & Clark, Mapa, Nitritex and Shield Scientific.

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