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cleanroom paper and accessories
cleanroom paper and accessories
cleanroom paper and accessories
college block
note pad 3”x 5”
copy and printer paper
wirebound note book 8.5” x 11”
file folder

Important information about cleanroom paper and accessories

General Information

The significance of paper as a particle generating source in cleanrooms is often underestimated. Ordinary paper is made out of cellulose. Hence due to the mechanical abrasion while exposed to writing or printing on it huge numbers of particles are shed. This is particularly true for note books and note pads which could with a simple touch already contribute to the contamination of the cleanroom atmosphere.

To counter this problem we are able to offer you products made of special cleanroom suitable paper for almost every area of application:

  • Copy and printer paper
  • Note books
  • College block
  • File folder
  • Pens

Cleanroom paper made of treated cellulose,
as single sheet or bound

This paper is soaked and coated with    a special polymer compound, which avoids high particle emission and chemical vapour release. The key features are:

  • high tear strength
  • good heat resistance
  • suitable for most copy systems
  • can be written and printed on with almost every media
  • single sheets can be sterilised
  • additionally available are various file folders and college blocks, lined or squared

Cleanroom file folders

Made from special, abrasion resistant polymer (Priplac) Lever arch files with 2 clip lever mechanism made from metal. Additionally files in ESD version are also available.

Cleanroom pens

Abrasion resistant fine liner with line width of 0.4 mm and other pens. Available in sterile (singly wrapped) or non-sterile version.

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