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Everything stays dry; water repellent finish
Everything stays dry; water repellent finish

Special requirements need special textiles

Special finish for cleanroom textiles

The garments must be prepared according to the applications within cleanrooms. For projects with extra demands on your cleanroom garments we offer textiles with special finishing. For some of our fabrics the following options are available:

  • Water repellent finish
  • Anti microbiological finish
  • Hydrophilic finish

  • In addition we supply the Cleanroom fabric ION-NOSTAT BS which is, according to the manufacturer, “flame resistant“ class “Index 1” according to EN533 classified.

As part of the discussion “is an anti microbiological finish in cleanroom garments in the sterile area worthwhile or a waste?“ see also the article in the trade magazine “Reinraumtechnik“ Vol. 1/2006 (GIT publishing).

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