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Important information about tacky mats

General Information

Tacky mats prevent the unintentional importation of large quantities of particles into the cleanroom on the soles of people's shoes. The combination of a washable permanent adhesive mat and a strongly adhesive peel off tacky mat offers the optimum protection and reduces the running costs.


permanently adhesive and washable

This mat is mainly used for the initial, intensive pre-cleaning of the contact surface of the soles. Mostly it is used as first cleaning step before entering the cleanroom. Based on the soft material consistency the sole can be reached in places which are not covered when using the inflexible material of foil mats.


peel off tacky mats

Strong adhesion and robust design make these mats ideal for the cleaning of
soles, castors, etc. inside the transfer area.

Frames and movable floor plates

The frame for the foil tacky mats is used both as edge protection and as a ramp. The movable floor plate is designed for mobile applications of the foil tacky mats.

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